Bird Nest Balls

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These are fantastic for the bird enthusiasts who love to watch and pamper their feathered friends. An adjustable cord is attached to these 4″ balls stuffed with 4+ oz. of fiber. They are a great deal at $13.95 per ball. Elsewhere, you’ll find them for $15 or more.

Hang the ball outside your window for beautiful viewing of your birds just as you would with your feeders. Then wait and watch. Birds love this fine fiber to incorporate into building cozy, warm nests for their eggs and newborn babies.DSCN0236

Because the birds will eventually use all the fiber, we have refill bags for your convenience. It’s easy to refill your ball by simply using the end of a pointed pencil or pen. A great project for youngsters as well.

If not for yourself, buy as a gift for the bird lover in your life.


$8.95 Refill