Showing Alpacas

Why Show?

  1. To network within the alpaca community
  2. The criteria used to pick winners may set trends that either increase or decrease the value of their alpacas.
  3. Being a show winner can be beneficial for a farm’s advertising and sales.

Alpacas are judged on conformation and fiber by one of the 20 colors except in the performance or showmanship classes.


A judge:

  1. Looks at the walk.
  2. Evaluates the fleece looking for fineness, density, staple length, crimp character, luster, and overall consistency.
  3. Feels for strong bones.
  4. Looks at phenotype.


Typical ribbon types:100_7970
Produce of Dam
Get of Sire
Breeders Best Three
Bred & Owned Yearling
Open Gelding
Champion – purple
Reserve Champion – lavender
1st – blue
2nd – red
3rd – white
4th – pink
5th – yellow
6th – green


There are five levels of shows:

Level 1 – 36-99 entries
Level 2 – 100-299 entries
Level 3 – 300-499 entries
Level 4 – 500-799 entries
Level 5 – over 800 entries