Care Instructions & Storage of your Alpaca Garment 

  1. Alpaca fiber has a self-regulating cleaning effect which means that regularly airing the garments will often be all you need to do. Small wrinkles and odors will disappear if you hang the garment in the damp night air.
  2. Dry cleaning in not recommended. However, if the garment says that it’s dry cleanable, then it could be okay. Ask the cleaner to use a fresh solvent in low heat and a process that does not involve tumbling. Even so, labels often say dry cleanable so the manufacturer doesn’t become liable if something goes wrong.
  3. Garment may be washed in cold water or washing machine hand wash cycle (no agitator or garment will felt).
  4. Woolite is not recommended. Use mild soap or shampoo in the wash.
  5. Do not wry or wring and carefully rinse. Remove excess water carefully. This can be done by laying the wet garment flat on a towel and roll it up loosely to squeeze out the excess water.
  6. Lay garment flat to dry on a clean, dry towel, tugging gently until the shape is even and seams are straight. Do not hang dry or the garment or it will lose its shape. Do not tumble dry unless you want your child or doll to wear it.
  7. When dry, store garment in a sealed cedar chest, a zip lock bag, or any moth protected environment. A lavender sachet is okay, but moth balls aren’t recommended.
  8. If you iron your garment, use the wool/silk settings. Always put a damp cotton cloth between or use a steam iron.


Stain Cleaning – for non dry clean garments only

Liqueur. Wash with soft detergent in warm water.

Red Wine. Wash in cold water and then soak with lemon juice and water.

White Wine. Wash in clean water and soft detergent.

Grease. Treat with solvent.

Sauce. Treat first with delicate detergent in warm water and rinse with solvent.

Ink. Absorb with baby powder, soak area with lemon juice and water and then with alcohol.

Tea. Wash in warm water and delicate detergent.

Chocolate. Wash with delicate detergent and then with solvent.

Coffee. Wash in warm water and soft detergent; then treat the residual stain with solvent.

Sweat. Wash in hot water, mixed with a small quantity of ammonia, white vinegar and then rinse with oxygenated water.

Perfume. Wash with glycerin and alcohol.

Make-up. Wash with solvent, then with shampoo.

Lipstick. Treat with alcohol.