Felted Soap


Why felted soap?

*It’s fun.

*It makes great gifts.

*It’s unusual.

*Soap and washcloth in one for gentle exfoliation.

*No separate cloth or scrubby in the bath.

*Alpaca wool has a natural antifungal property and will retain its freshness.

*The soap doesn’t get slippery and slip out of hands.

*No gooey messy bars sitting in the shower or bath.

NOTE:  The felt shrinks along with the soap as you use it.

Soap is purchased from a wholesaler – www.theSOAPGUY.com.

All soaps are wonderfully scented and sure to please whoever uses them.

The square soap contains:
NO Preservatives!
NO Animal Products!
NO Petroleum Products!
NO Parabens!
NO Lauryl Sulfate!

Basic ingredients include:
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Soybean Oil
Hemp Oil
Organic Shea Butter

Scents typically in stock at The Bunkhouse Boutique:
French Vanilla Biscotti
Oatmeal Spice
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Tangerine Grapefruit