Watering & Feeding



Water is the most essential nutrient for an alpaca. It helps with body temperature regulation and provides aqueous medium for all metabolic reactions. Young animals are approximately 85-90 percent water, whereas adults are 60-70 percent depending on fat content (more fat, less water).

An animal’s ability to consume dry matter is dependent upon water availability. That doesn’t mean to restrict water in order to lessen hay and grain consumption. Water should always be available, especially under heat conditions so heat stress doesn’t occur.

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Alpacas eat 2nd and 3rd cutting hay. They are also grained ½ lb./day/animal of a special blend of minerals and nutrients. Lactating grain is given to pregnant dams one month prior to delivery up through the nursing timeline. The cria continue to eat lactating grain through their first year of life. Otherwise, daily grazing for all animals is on a blend of orchard grass, herbs, and brohms.

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