Birthing Cria


Pregnancy is 11.5 months which is approximately 343 days.

The majority of births take place between 7a and 1p. This probably is because of a greater chance for ambient temps and protection against predators.


Stages of Birthing:

Stage 1 (2-4 hrs.) – Dam can show signs of anxiety seek solitude, frequent the dung pile, moderate amount of rolling, humming, and may refuse to eat.

Stage 2 (5-40 min.) – Contractions can be seen around the belly every 10 minutes at the beginning while gaining frequency and intensity as the fetus is expelled. The fetus will appear at the vulva shortly after the rupture of the first water bag. The second water bag is a white translucent color that forms a small balloon at the vulva before breaking. The nose, head, and front legs will pass through slowly dilating the vulva until the cria is born.

Stage 3 (up to 3 hrs.) – The placenta is expelled. It is usually dark red (burgundy) color and a velvety texture.